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The Objective
  •  ​I will illuminate your path to freedom, through the process of forgiveness.

  •  I will empower and motivate you to continue to reach your success.

  • I will encourage you to apply what you have learned and I will be with you every step of the way.  

The Opportunity
  • You will learn how to become accountable, reliable, responsible and organized.


  • You will build up self-esteem and  confidence,​ and change your approach to live your life’s fullest potential.

  • Learn how to release anxiety, breakdown barriers, increase positive energy and obtain a positive mindset, through the healing power of forgiveness and achieve personal freedom.

The Commitment
  • Learn how to  forgive others, and most importantly how to forgive yourself.

  • Get support while you develop a measurable plan of action, to achieve your goals. 

  • You will receive support in your willingness and commitment to learn and apply the techniques daily.  


Dagmara K. 

Andrea’s course helps you truly understand what you really want and provides methods and clearer approaches on how to start achieving goals that you set to accomplish in life. 4.17.2020


Anthony E.

This course has helped me significantly. Through this course, Andrea has helped me regain my passion for music, and gain motivation to follow my dream. 8.11.2020


Hoda K.

I met Andrea 17 years ago. Andrea was supportive and provided me with customized and individualized sessions when I was going through my divorce.   I thank her,  for her patience, persistence, compassion and diligence in transforming me into a better human being. 4.23.2020