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Andrea “Your Global Voice” Mason, from, has over 2 decades of experience in personal development in Social Work and in Psychology. She is Certified as a Global Motivational Speaker and Coach under the mentorship of “The” one & only Dr. Les Brown, as well as, a Certified Small Business Entrepreneur, Certified Professional Organizer, and last but not least, Andrea is Your Personal Accountability Coach and Popular "Your Global Voice."

As a woman of integrity, she is the creator and innovator of the life transformational journey called “PLAY”: Plan Life According to You, where she walks alongside you as your personal accountability coach helping you achieve personal freedom through the healing power of forgiveness. Andrea, wholeheartedly, provides the metaphorical needed “Bridge” that a person must walk across in order to get themselves from where they’re currently at to where it is that they would like to go. She lovingly reminds you, and the entire Planet, to always “Follow Your Heart & Not the Herd, Nor the Hurt” ... and ... once you achieve personal freedom, you can achieve anything, as she was a Victim of Every Type of Abuse and Bullying and has NOW gone from Victim to Victorious.

I have been affectionately labeled the Female version, of the "Iconic" Mr. Rogers." I have been named, "America's #1 Leading Personal Accountability Coach, and "The Global Voice," who always works with Integrity and is here to walk beside you every step of the way." 

Andrea arrived in the United States of America at 11 months old weighing in at only 11 pounds. With these Angelic numbers (11:11) ushering her into the land of free, she’s become an inspirational living testimony that Big Dreams CAN and Do come true.

If you are tired of living a life without meaning, or you are tired of walking and getting nowhere, and you need help to build a life according to your dreams, this is your call for change. I am passionate about helping people and have expertise in life-changing strategies. I do not dictate, nor lecture, I listen and learn, and all is done with love. Take this life-changing call - do it now - don't wait.

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