I am a daughter, mother, wife, friend, loved one, who always provides positivity into life. My soul purpose, mission, and goal are to build a legacy of love for a better world for my family, community, and society.

My knowledge and experience include over 2 decades in personal development. A Major in Psychology, BSW (in Social Work), and experience in the mental health, medical, holistic, and wellness fields. I am certified in Professional Organizing, Entrepreneurship and as a Certified Global Motivational Speaker, under the mentorship of Thee Mr. Les Brown, the guru of motivational speaking. My extraordinary commitment has always been to help people overcome their challenges, losses and improve their life experiences.

I am the creator of the innovative and customary life transformational journey, utilizing the power of healing and forgiveness, called PLAY, (Plan Life According to You). I take pride in providing the best content. My goals include inspiring and building a legacy of love, for a better world and empowering all with whom I meet, to achieve and surpass their fullest potential. 

I have been affectionately labeled the Female version, of the "Iconic" Mr. Rogers." I have been named, "America's #1 Leading Personal Accountability Coach, who always works with Integrity and is here to guide you every step of the way." 

If you are tired of living a life without meaning, or you are tired of walking and getting nowhere, and you need help to build a life according to your dreams, this is your call for change. I am passionate about helping people and have expertise in life-changing strategies. I do not dictate, nor lecture, I listen and learn and all is done with love. I help you by mentoring and guiding you step by step in the process, to reach your best version of yourself. Take this life-changing call - do it now - don't wait.