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Self-Awareness & Self-Discovery: Are You Trying to Live the Life of a Movie Star/Childhood Icon?

What do I mean by this statement: are you living the life of a cartoon or movie character? Have you acquired the traits of that character and are you wanting to break free from that movie? For example, look at your verbiage and slang terminology: do you use catch phrases of iconic characters, "c'mon man!" Or, do you view as superheroes' complex, in one realm, you are intelligent and doing all things modestly, however when in times of trouble, do you react impulsively, and react as opposed to respond, due to subconscious triggers. Write them down and then write down what traits are going to keep and what traits are you going to break free from? Assess your habits, verbiage, personality traits that you admire, than discard the personality traits that you want to expire.

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