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Self-Awareness & Self-Discovery: Have You Self-Discovered Who You Are/Thoughts Derived From?

Many times, we have this image and come to a point in our life, where we truly discover who we truly are, once we have ruled out all that we are not. We come to a point in our life, where we have had all that we can take, and are ready to make a commitment to change who we are. We then question ourselves, and get to the root cause of where these thoughts are derived from. For example, we connect the constant "ego voices" in our head, and equate them to those authority figures from our childhood, our parental guardians, our teachers or coaches...we can actually see images of them, and/or hear their tones behind the voices. We are not crazy, but this is the committee, that prevent us, from taking the final leap into something we really want to do, buy, travel or go toward.

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