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The more you go through failures, the less fear you have!

Many people struggle with self-discipline. There's a fine line of what is considered having self-discipline and the negative aspect of being "selfish." We must understand that we do not have to accept all the needs of others. We fear saying "no," and harness on their disappointment and lack of understanding of others, and are perceived as not being supportive. Understand that once the journey to mastery begins: confidence, rules, boundaries and limitations must be set when it comes to others. We need to invest time, learn to have patience and begin to create rituals and routines to achieve our goals. We MUST, however, not limit ourselves when it comes to our goals. We should always aim high and never settle for comfort. Go outside of your comfort zone, to learn your greatest potential. Self-discipline is having a direction and a goal and staying directly on that path; no matter what. Please understand that this is extremely important because visions without goals are just illusions and delusions.

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