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Self-Awareness & Self-Discovery: Remember, You Always Have Choices

I am here to tell you that with every passing moment; you have a choice to change and evolve into everything you want to become. You have a choice to instill in thy self and remove anything, belief, thought, mannerism, trait or attribute that you want to change! Sounds impossible. You do it every single moment, as you go throughout your day. Think about it. You wake up and have a certain mood and personality. You then connect and/or meet up with family/friends – ask yourself does your mood shift? You listen to a song, watch a video, read an article – your mood shifts. You make a mistake or forget something – once again your mood shifts. In the afternoon, you have accomplished certain tasks and activities, that were productive and successful – OR – you had a difficult morning and trying to bounce back or cleanup the situation and/or incidents that have occurred. Your mood shifts again! OR has it? You end the evening with family/friends or a good meal and debrief and relax – your mood shifts. Be self- aware of your moods throughout the day. Take notes and write down what were your triggers and offsets, and what were your wins and motivation. Self-discover what you were able to control and shift, and what you weren’t. The more you are able to track the more you are able to observe, maintain and then completely control.

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